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How much does your Laundry Cleaning System REALLY cost?

Renegade Brands offers a truly efficient system that works better and costs less.

Laundry Operations is one of the most important functions for any hospitality facility with on premise laundry. For obvious reasons, it is of vital importance to thoroughly clean bedding, towels, tablecloths and other linens. However, to accomplish this, many organizations lose visibility into the full cost of their overall laundry operations, choosing instead to simply focus on their chemical cost/load. This is short sighted as we will analyze below and will often lead to increases in other cost factors and/or a sacrifice in overall performance. Renegade Pro-Clean Laundry Detergent is an innovative cleaning solution that replaces multiple cleaning products with a single product system, eliminating the need for inefficient and complex wash cycles which in turn provides savings on all of the major cost factors highlighted below.

According to Laundry expert Rich Fitzmorris, there exist 5 major cost elements in a laundry operation.

Labor: As you can see, this is the single biggest cost element associated with a facility’s laundry facility. Good help is hard to find and we certainly do not recommend cutting your work force. That being said, our superior cleaning system can make your staff more efficient regardless of the pounds processed. Our one product system provides superior cleaning technology cutting down on the amount of rewashes and spot treating required. In addition, because we have cut the number of cleaning chemicals from 5 (or 6 or 7…) separate products to 1 product, our wash cycle is, on average, 20% shorter. Shorter wash times means you can process more laundry on any given shift which allows you to maximize your employee time on other required tasks.

Linen Replacement: Making up as much as 25% of your overall cost, replacing linens that have been damaged due to harsh laundry chemicals or simply cannot be cleaned because of poor performing laundry chemicals has to be one of the most frustrating components of the day to day laundry operations for any housekeeping staff. The Renegade Pro-Clean system provides superior results from the initial wash which greatly reduces the percentage of reclaimed fabrics needing to be rewashed. In addition, it is pH neutral, non-allergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It causes no harm or degradation to natural materials and synthetics.

Energy: Simply put, a load of laundry uses a lot of water and a lot of electricity. Multiply that by the number of loads you do in a single day and this cost factor can quickly sky rocket, particularly if you are forced to rewash a significant percentage of your linens. The Renegade Pro-Clean exclusive single product system is the most effective and efficient solution in the industry. It saves on water and electricity usage due to shorter wash cycles. Specifically, for the cruise industry, less chemical means less weight that will need to be transported from port to port. And as an added bonus, it requires a lot less storage as well!

Chemical: As discussed earlier, our more efficient single product system eliminates the need for 5 (or 6 or 7 or…) different chemicals. Instead of relying on the same basic chemistries that other companies have sold for years and years, our Renegade Pro-Clean Laundry Detergent was specifically engineered and tested to outperform these multi-chemical systems. Is it more expensive than our competitors’ laundry detergents? Possibly. Is it more expensive than the hodgepodge of 5 (or 6 or 7…) toxic chemistries that provide mediocre results and are damaging your fabrics? We’ll let you decide. At Renegade Brands, we are committed to innovation and are hyper focused on products that are Scientifically Clean™. What makes our products different at Renegade Brands is not only our commitment to Science but to the Scientific Method. This is not just a talking point; it is the guide to product development and on-going product improvement. We as a company are devoted to testing and data to ensure that our products operate as efficiently as possible, this is what is meant by Scientifically Clean™.

Indirect: This bucket could be a thousand different things and is specific to your unique setup. But, we do provide additional savings that should be highlighted. First, our Renegade Pro-Clean detergent is an extremely safe formulation. Not only will it not damage fabrics, but it will cause much less damage to your actual machines and the components associated with them. Second, our team of laundry experts and service technicians are the best in the business and offer over 150 years of laundry experience. We do not sell 100 different cleaning chemicals, we are the experts in laundry and can help analyze your overall laundry operations to make sure you are getting the most out of your machines, your process and your system.

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