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Dust Mite Allergens Meet Their Match With Sweat-X Free & Clear

Spring is a season to be welcomed, not dreaded, even by those with allergies or asthma. 

Dust mites may proliferate as temperatures and humidity rise, but now, those most sensitive to them also have a secret weapon, one proven to keep triggers at bay, both indoors and out. 

Sweat-X Sport’s Free & Clear Detergent is CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) to eliminate over 99 percent of allergens – including the by-products of those pesky dust mites – from all types of fabrics. 

Clothing, towels, bedding and pillow cases – washed with Sweat-X Sport Free & Clear, all of it will be exactly what the names promises: free and clear of all dyes and scents to mitigate irritation. 

Dust mites, your days are numbered. 

Just when life was getting good, too. For dust mites, springtime brings a resurgence of dust mites, as temperatures and humidity increase. They abound when temperatures hover in the mid- to upper-60s and humidity tops out at a pleasant 70 to 80 percent. 

Meanwhile, in spring, those with an active lifestyle return to the outdoors to exercise. This group will sweat and shed skin, further improving conditions for these microscopic critters in sheets, pillowcases, and clothing, all the while making life significantly worse for those who are sensitive to dust mite allergens. 

Dust mite allergen isn’t the only woe in spring, of course. As adults and children return to outdoor play and sports, they produce sweaty, pollen-covered clothing, sheets, towels, and backpacks, any one of which can spark an allergic reaction. 

Here, too, Free & Clear is the optimal solution. Along with dust mites, it’s proven to wash away all the oils, pollen, and other odor-causing matter most detergents leave behind, all without resorting to dyes, perfumes, or harsh chemicals. 

But Free & Clear has temperature on its side, too. Renegade Brands’ innovative detergent removes dust mite allergens in regular warm water; no hot water required. No longer, then, must those suffering from allergies or asthma also suffer high energy bills or stress over their impact on the environment. 

They don’t have to stress at all, in fact. That’s because Free & Clear doesn’t just remove dust mite allergen and pollen: it wards off the resurgence of dust mites. In asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program testing, one week after washing, dust mites were still not present on washed clothing. Additionally, its ingredients have been thoroughly reviewed, to ensure that any irritants are either not present, or present in such small amounts not to be of concern. In short, it’s your best long-term defense. 

The world in general will never be free of allergens. Your world, though, can be made to keep those triggers to a minimum, even in spring. Sweat-X Sport Free & Clear empowers you to keep the outdoors outside and your home a place of clean, worry-free comfort. 

Written by Zachary Lewis

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