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Bolster your laundry operation with a Scientific Clean

When you own and operate a Commercial Laundry Facility, you know the importance of providing a safe and effective clean for your clients. We’re proud to provide the highest quality detergents, stain lifters and odor removers to the hospitality, healthcare, senior living industries and more. No matter the types of linens or delicate fabrics you launder, we’ve got the solution for you. From laundry facilities with large-capacity machines and even tunnel washers, to smaller local laundries, we are here to serve you. Through our Simplified System, we help laundry facilities save on chemical, water, utilities and labor. Please consult our laundry experts to learn about our cost savings with unmatched results today!


  • Custom designed laundry program and state-of-the-art dispensing equipment

  • Full-line of Housekeeping products

  • Regularly scheduled service/maintenance visits

  • Expert service and personal support

  • Products designed especially for reclaim

  • Specially formulated and concentrated chemicals for optimal stain removal

  • Detergents and disinfectants designed to control cross-contamination

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“The Floridean always strives for excellence in patient care and facility cleanliness. Transitioning our laundry cleaning products to Renegade Brands has been a success. Our linen is much brighter and feels much cleaner than ever before. The magnificent fragrance has received compliments from residents, staff and family members that visit. We highly recommend Renegade Brands for all your laundry needs.”


What Customers Are Saying

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