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Renegade Brands Joins BLLA as an Approved Boutique Hotel Vendor

Small hotels are poised to become big business for Renegade Brands.

As a newly approved vendor and member in the Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association, Renegade “can get face to face with this industry and really do some good work,” said marketing and sales coordinator Dylan Mueller. “It’s a slam dunk.”

Renegade has been a significant player in the hospitality sector for several years, along with sports laundry, but BLLA membership opens the company to a key market it has long sought to enter. It’s a single point of contact to a group of 300 independent, up-scale hotels across the country, along with some 150 related vendors.

Frances Kiradjian, the 2009 founder and chief executive of the California-based BLLA, said membership gives Renegade access to marketing tools, webinars, white papers, and other reports about the boutique hotel landscape, all in addition to a broad distribution network.

"We warmly welcome Renegade Brands to the BLLA community," she said. “We look forward to Renegade’s ongoing participation in our many townhall meetings and to [Renegade] connecting directly with some of the world’s most iconic hotel owners and developers.”

Make no mistake: Renegade is more than a sports laundry enterprise. It belongs in the BLLA. The relationship doesn’t just make good business sense. It’s a natural fit.

For one thing, Renegade is the right size for the BLLA, Mueller said, neither too large nor too specialized to cater to the needs of smaller, independent businesses. “We’re big enough to have a national presence but also focused enough to give them the care and attention a bigger operation can’t,” he said.

There’s also the issue of brand compatibility. When it comes to laundry products, Mueller said, independent luxury hotels care not only about quality but also about appearance, design, and environmental sustainability.

On those fronts, too, and others, Renegade’s non-toxic, fully biodegradable Pro Clean hospitality line clearly dovetails with the BLLA philosophy.

“Their values may not necessarily align with those of a bigger company,” Mueller explained. “But our aesthetic does. We fit into their community. Going on our product and how effective it is, I’m definitely confident. We feel we have a strong position and will be successful in this.”

With that prediction, Kiradjian said she’s inclined to agree wholeheartedly.

The boutique sector, she said, tends to be “extremely selective” when it comes to choosing vendors. Renegade, though, checks all the boxes, she said. Simply put, she said, “Their products in the cleaning sector are the finest we've seen in the hospitality industry.”

Written by Zachary Lewis

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