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  • M Kobyluck

The Science Behind Renegade Brands

At the heart of Renegade Brands is a single scientific concept. One concept with the tested, proven, and unparalleled ability to remove stains and odors.

Sweat X, the gold standard for cleaning and restoring consumer fabrics; Nano X, our flagship laundry detergent in the professional and college athletic market; Pro Clean, our all-in-one system for the hospitality and senior living industry. Each of these is different and serves a unique purpose. The fundamental science behind them, though, is similar. It’s what makes each of them so effective at what it’s designed to do.

Innovating for Renegade is “kind of a chemist’s dream,” said technical director Robert Yeggy.

“I just know when something’s going to hit, and when I see my formula on the shelves, I love it.”

To fully understand what makes the Renegade formula so special, we’ll need to enter Yeggy’s world for a moment. So put on your goggles and lab coat. We’re about to talk chemistry.

Most household and industrial cleaners have a high pH, or alkaline, value. They’re what’s known as basic.

Yeggy, however, a veteran of the industry with a passion for the science of cleaning, ignored the skeptics and pursued what he knew to be the ideal: a formula with nearly neutral pH, one that’s neither acidic (low pH) nor basic.

The result is a powerful cleaning solution. With their neutral or low pH values, Renegade products dissolve more easily in water and therefore penetrate more deeply into fabrics, removing even the most stubborn of contaminants.

“Basically, we’re making water wetter,” Yeggy explained.

Yeggy also found an enzyme package that thrives in that environment, one that eats away at odor-causing bacteria and the proteins in stains especially well under chemically neutral conditions.

That’s the science, but that’s not all that’s great about the formula. Renegade products are also completely safe to use at the individual, corporate, and global levels.

Unlike your typical dry-cleaning chemicals and industrial cleaners in use at many large facilities, the Renegade formula is non-toxic, wholly biodegradable, and safe on a wide variety of fabrics. It’s not basic in the chemical sense, but it’s simple enough to break down naturally. This is what we mean when we call our products “scientifically clean.”

“It’s so satisfying, I can’t tell you,” Yeggy said. “These really are industry-changing products.”

We’re not done changing the industry, either. Renegade believes in relentless testing and innovation, and so we’re hard at work developing new solutions, always with a focus on human and environmental safety.

“We’re providing the market with best-in-class products, and we don’t need to rely on dangerous and toxic chemicals to do so,” said Renegade CEO Bill Sherman. “We’re doing something really different and special here, and that makes us very proud.”



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