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Sweat X Sport gets a refresh.

Renegade Brands has just done to its Sweat-X brand what happens every laundry cycle with its products: a complete refresh.

For the first time in its history, Renegade has developed two new detergents.

“It’s definitely a milestone for us to be able to offer products outside the core of what we started with,” said Mike Kobyluck, Renegade’s creative and marketing director.

The biggest milestone is a new detergent called Free & Clear. Exactly what its name suggests, it’s a detergent as strong and “scientifically clean” as all other Renegade products but also free of dyes, scents, and other allergy triggers.

That’s not all. Free & Clear isn’t just safe. It’s also uniquely formulated to eliminate allergens. Indeed, so confident is Renegade in the purity and efficacy of Free & Clear, it expects to work with medical professionals to promote the product among those with sensitive skin.

“That’s huge, to be able to say all of those things and actually mean them,” Kobyluck said.

No less huge is what Renegade has done to the original Sweat-X Activewear Detergent, the detergent at the heart of the company. Out of that one revolutionary product, renowned for its odor- and stain-fighting power, Renegade has formed two products catering to different clientele.

Sweat-X Activewear Detergent itself hasn’t changed. It’s still the solid, reliable detergent it’s always been. It’s just a little less “X.” The label has been softened to reflect its usefulness on all fabrics, not just extreme activewear.

Leigh Kimball, regional sales representative for the Southeast, started selling Sweat-X after discovering what she called “the only detergent on the market that truly works.” Now, the self-described hockey mom said it’s the only detergent she uses, period, after learning it’s also gentle enough for sheets and towels.

Speaking of towels – Don’t throw in yours, sports players. Renegade still has a product serving your more demanding needs.

Max Odor Defense Detergent is the new Extreme Sweat-X, a formula with stronger odor- and stain-fighting properties and a durable fresh scent that lasts through the wash. Kimball called it “Sweat-X on steroids.” If you’re in the sports arena, it’s the Renegade product for you.

Don’t be misled by the new, softer Sweat-X profile. This expansion by Renegade is bold. Just as fabrics washed by Renegade detergents always come out cleaner than ever, so will this brand refresh by Renegade usher in a whole new era.

“It’s definitely a sign that we’re growing,” Kobyluck said. “We saw a market need and we moved to fill it. Now we can appeal to all buyers, and gain new ones.”

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