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Speaking from Experience: How Renegade Reps are Blazing a Path in Sports

It’s not a hard sell when Ryan Dickson and Kerry Conner approach a new sports team on behalf of Renegade Brands.

Like expert hurlers in baseball, they’ve got a single, surefire pitch, one supported by any number of customer reviews: No matter the job, Renegade will do it better, more safely, and more effectively than any other.

“We’re doing something no one else is doing, and it’s putting us head and shoulders above the rest,” said Conner, a former national award-winning equipment manager based in Lafayette, Louisiana. “We’re doing something that’s outside the norm.”

The number-one distinction, Dickson said, is simplicity. Where other sports laundry systems require four to six different products per load, Renegade uses only one, Nano X. What’s more, that’s true whether you’re a high school football squad, a college lacrosse team, or the New York Yankees, whether your enemy is grass, dirt, or good old-fashioned sweat and odor.

With the Nano X system, there’s less to store and less to monitor and restock. That translates into more time and space for other non-laundry purposes.

“We have one detergent,” Dickson explained. “That’s the really cool thing that separates us and gives us our greatest advantage.”

It’s not the only advantage, however. If ease of use is Renegade’s selling slam-dunk, two other factors must be credited with the assist and the alley-oop.

The first is expertise, or inside knowledge.

Like many others in the Renegade network, Conner and Dickson bring to the table years of experience as team equipment managers. They’re not just selling detergent, in other words. They’re helping their former peers solve problems they themselves once faced. They’re meeting the needs of sports teams from the inside out.

“We speak the same language, and that makes it easier with relationships, to know what they’re going through,” Dickson said.

Last but not least is safety. On this front, too, Nano X simply has no rivals.

Renegade takes pride in producing the most environmentally friendly sports detergents on the market. In Nano X and other Renegade brands, there’s not a single harsh chemical. Everything is bio-degradable.

That makes a real difference to organizations looking to lead the way and reduce their impact on the planet.

No less important: it also benefits those in Conner’s former shoes, the equipment managers who with Nano X no longer have to risk burns handling their detergent.

“When people talk to us, we listen, and try to improve,” Conner said. “We just want to make things better, for everyone.”

Written by Zachary Lewis

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